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"The Art of Giving" - An Auction to save a Drama School


My name is Heather and our Speech and Drama School needs YOUR help to bring awareness to our work and our current battle. We are the kind of people who find a way, make a plan and we are usually the people who give help, but now for the first time we need help.

We are the Isabel Byers School of Speech and Drama and we are passionate about making a positive impact in our students' lives.We teach extramural Speech and Drama to 12,000 vulnerable children, across South Africa. Our students come from low income and poverty stricken communities. Due to the Corona Pandemic and our country's lockdown, we stand to lose this vital Speech and Drama program. Our program EMPOWERS our children; teaches them skills in communication,public speaking, team-building, leadership and gives them self- confidence. We are not receiving any government funding and we are currently unable to pay our 46 dedicated teachers and staff members who give their all to these children. We need support to survive and rebuild. Our staff and students are depending on us. Please share this email, post it wherever appropriate, anything you can do to bring awareness to who we are and why we should be and why we need to continue.

Please watch our short video below, where you can hear first hand why what we do makes a big difference to our students!

We are currently running a Gogetfunding campaign to help raise funds for our school: Go get funding page

We are also hosting an online art auction on Friday 28th - Sunday 30th August :The Art of Giving - Online Auction

Incredibly generous and talented artists have donated their work and all the proceeds will be going to our funding campaign. Every cent counts and every cent will be used wisely to address the immediate need of our staff and to ensure that we are able to relaunch our program.

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