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Meat World at the Springs National Fresh Produce Market hosted its annual free music festival again on 2 April 2016.  It was attended by more than 7 500 people.  Some of South Africa’s top artists such as Pieter Koen, Hennie Smit, Arina de Witt, Rembrandt van Rijn, Alwyn Oberholster, Francois van Rensburg and Sharoney performed at the Festival.  RSG broadcast live from 05:00 to 10:00 with Derrich Gardner’s very popular Saturday show, BREKFIS MET DERRICH.

Meat World also gave away a brand new Ford Figo Ambiente.  The ten finalists were Andre Dircker, Toekie Kleynhans, Kobani Mgabhi, Lucas Mahlangu, Phindile Mayisa, Annie Welgemoed, Cheronne Markgraaff, Rose Mkwanazi, Geraldine Nortjé and Fernando da Cunha.  The lucky winner of a brand new Ford Figo was Rose Mkwanazi.   Rose said:  “I really prayed that God must give me this car and He answered my prayers.  I am so lucky.  Thank you Meat World!”  

LIEWE HEKSIE AND BOTTERBLOM was also performed at the Festival and was very popular with more than 1 000 kids as audience.    Actors such as Ana van Achterbergh, Debre Rossouw, Merissa Claasens and Phillru van Actherbergh acted in Liewe Heksie.  “Although it was very difficult to perform the full production of Liewe Heksie on this open stage, it was a wonderful performance.  The kids really loved Liewe Heksie and the reaction was overwhelming,” said Ana van Achterbergh, playing Liewe Heksie.

The Festival also boasted a wonderful fleamarket with more than 30 stalls.  The helicopter flips were also very popular.

Lefra Productions organized the whole day.  “We opened the first Meat World at the Springs Market a number of years back with the first Meat World Music Festival – today there are 12 Meat Worlds throughout the country,” says Lefra Productions, CEO, Frans Swart.  “It is wonderful to have this Meat World Music Festival back on the calendar.  This is much more than just a promotion.  This is indeed a community project!  We are grateful that we could attract more than 7 500 people that attended the Festival.”

Angelino Perreira, Managing Director of Meat World, said from Switzerland that he is so glad that the Festival went so well.  “This is our way that we want to thank the community of Springs for all the support that we received at Meat World from our customers over the years.  We are still very committed the offer the public the best quality meat at the lowest prices!” he said.

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