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It's time to be the motivator, the inspirator, the hope and attitude adjuster.

Your team is back at work. I promise you, as much as they appreciate their jobs and need them, and as nice as you are - they don't want to be there. They just spent the best part of four weeks eating junk and waking up at 10 o'clock. They've had the taste of freedom and what it is like to live a millionaire's life. And now they have to put in another 244 working days to fund their next Hugh Hefner, all-day long pyjama orgy.

Your kids need to hit the books and teachers dirty looks. Your spouse has to get back to work too and trust me, most, just like you, are not feeling up to it.
The economy is taking a beating. Crime and corruption is on the rise. Unemployment is at an all-time high. The press and news channels spit out nothing but negative compost and seek out any and all atrocities for our viewing "pleasure”, to keep us collectively in a state of fear and negativity.

Your people, your team needs you. It's time to motivate, to inspire, to give hope and adjust their attitudes.

So how can you do this? 

  • Be an example.
  • Get there / up earlier and do what you do.
  • Smile.
  • Lift your chin and speak with positivity and hope.
  • Focus on what is working and seek out pockets of excellence in your department, company or family.
  • Tell them how great they are and what they mean to the team.
  • Sit with them and set small personal targets and help them get there.
  • Declare a 30-day news-watching moratorium and get them to watch a comedy every day instead (or maybe just the parliamentary channel).
  • Start the year with a positive bang and get a speaker (an unashamed self-plug) or have a social event to kick off 2016. 

Negative people, intellectuals and lazy individuals have for so long been spouting out that motivation and “rah-rah” doesn't work. Well I'm telling you, as I've done for 25 years now, motivation is essential especially when leading intellectual people. Motivation is essential in getting lazy people to take action. Motivation is essential in changing the minds of negative individuals.
As the leader of a team or head of a family, isn’t that your only job?
If they have the skills all they need is the why and the how.If they don't have the skills that's what the training department is for, so motivate them to learn more and be more.
Everyone needs a motive for action. Did you see what I did there? I took the word motivation and broke it up as it should be understood. Motive - a strong reason to do … I then added a “c” to a_tion. It is a REASON to TAKE ACTION. The world needs leaders who clarify purpose for tasks. People who say “we can, we will, we must, this is how, this is why and.. Follow me”.

You are the motivator. It doesn't matter whether it's to a corporate team of thousands, a small business of two or a family member, be the one! The one who shows, the one who knows and gives hope, love & energy.

Remember it's all about motivating and leading by example and the only way that is possible is with personal leadership. Personal motivation. So get off your butt and start doing.

Set up your exercise activities and start ticking the boxes. I put a marble into a vase every time I exercise, create, train my mind, or close a gig. What system are you using, and what is your target for 2016? Yes it's tough, yes it's hard, stop bitching, whinging and making excuses, it's tough for everyone, just do it.

Be the example to your kids. They've seen how you can drink, party and how you handle a hangover the day after, now show them tough love, inspiration and positive energy.

  • Google: "quotes on happiness” and read them for 10 minutes a day.
  • Write down your key values, again, and make them "live" every day.
  • YouTube: "motivational videos" for 10 minutes a day if you're a visual person. Stop making excuses - do something.
  • Stop blaming others - own it, fix it.
  • Change something, even just one thing and see the difference it makes.
  • Stand up, step up, get up, shut up and just make it happen: yes, YOU, now!

“Your people”, need to see the light. Be that light. They need to feel your love and mostly they need to see that there is hope. Don't just wait to see how the year turns out. Get up every day and mould it into how you want it to be.
Be the hope, lead by who you are and what you do.
2016 is a new year’s gift of pure potential and it’s yours for the taking. Own it, mould it and show us how it’s done.

Gav Sharples

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