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Syrian Refugee Crisis - A Note From Bob Mumford


I was recently thinking about the Syrian refugee crisis and realized that there are deep hidden agendas that are not discussed on any level by anyone. As believers we need to read and discern the events that are now happening in a correct manner because these events are very serious. At 85 years old, I can see the global perspective a little more clearly and feel the responsibility to keep you informed, not tell you what to do!

I remember when the conflicts with Al-Qaeda began that they made a clear statement to the world of their intention to send 500,000 people into Europe. My question now is: Suppose the whole Syrian refugee crisis is actually a semi-planned migration into Europe and other parts of the world. Once these young refugee families of mostly military-aged men enter Europe and settle down, it will ignite a major shift in the whole European structure.  America has committed to take 200,000 of these refugees and with them comes a Muslim agenda that even when it is not militant or radical, is still a Muslim agenda. The implications are vast. 

Suppose this is a calculated migration, not a humanitarian immigration of refugees?  If you watch carefully, you’ll see that almost all of the refugees are young families with military aged men who could reestablish the caliphate in all of Europe.  If this is even partially true, the next 25 years could be the most far-reaching shift in human history.  As compassionate people, our heart is to receive the hurting including the widows, orphans, and the poor and give them a home. Many of the Muslims entering Christian nations are supposedly converting to Christianity because once they call themselves Christians they are less likely to be deported.  But, the conversion is political not literal.  These conversions are part of the migrant philosophy. 

Recently the Pope went into a Mosque, took his shoes off, knelt toward Mecca and prayed.  He represents 1.5 billion Catholics.  In his innocence he wanted to prove his love for them, but seems to have inadvertently yielded to, embraced, and strengthened the global Muslim agenda.  The media certainly shows this in the light of the Vatican embracing Islam.  What Muslims couldn’t do militarily they are now doing socially. It isn’t an immigration, it is a migration of the Muslim people to take over new territories that could not be conquered militarily.

With our understanding of the ruling arches, the Muslim issues become even more important. Of the five arches— cultural, economic, political, religious and natural family—there has never been a threat in the world that involved all five at one time. This makes it almost unstoppable. When addressed, they run to any one of those five to hide. “We are a strong family.” Their culture in some ways is stronger than our own.  Economic, their ability to take care of each other is world shaking. Religious element is as deep as anything we’ve seen in terms of their radical commitment. If you put me in the Muslim world, my hidden agenda would be to express Christ, and I would communicate Christ in everything I did no matter what happened because that is who I am.  If we reverse this, we can see that 500,000 people coming into Europe with the hidden agenda to express Mohammad will alter the whole European culture. It is already happening in England with Islam being the second largest religion and a Mosque a month opening in Great Britain.  What does that say to us as far as some kind of consummate conflict that is bigger than, more than, other than we have ever known. When Japan invaded, that was one thing, and Hitler another, but this one has all 5 arches wrapped into one expression. The hidden agenda of the Muslim ruling arche is to inseminate Sharia law with its brutal, tyrannical, dominating philosophy around the world. 

Even if we knew that the agenda of the Syrian refugee crisis was true, there is no way to stop the outcome.  We owe it to you who have been following us for many years to prepare us all for the shifts that could be far reaching. Muslims coming into our world will provide increased opportunity for true evangelism, but we need to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves regarding any hidden Muslim agenda.  If we are moving toward any kind of consummate conflict of the ages, this is what it would look like. I do know that God uses all things, and I mean all things, to bring His Kingdom purposes to fruition. He knows.

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