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Global Migration SA Newsletter - SA Immigration Update : 28 October 2015


Cabinet Revises Immigration Regulations and Processes

The changes to the Immigration Regulations, announced by Home Affairs today, are welcome and overdue, according to Leon Isaacson, Immigration expert and MD of Global Migration SA.

“These changes are required to deal with the difficulties created by the new regulations, which were implemented on 26 May 2014 have been the cause of a drop in tourism from key countries into South Africa. It is our view that the changes do not go far enough and that the rest of the legislation should be subjected to a review by Cabinet as there are many issues which deter skilled people and investors from coming into SA.

The major deterrents and bottlenecks are found with applications which have to be submitted to the Department of Labour which takes 3-12 months to do a recommendation; Critical Skills Visa applications where professional bodies for most professions do not yet exists; the unconstitutional behaviour of the department in not allowing applicants to use representatives where they desire this; the inordinate delays of 2- 4 months which it takes for an application to be finalised, and the quality of adjudication and decision making. The error rate is probable around 30-45% which means that huge resources are being wasted on applications which are not being properly adjudicated.

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