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Those charged with protecting us are simply not interested


My daughter tried to renew her drivers licence, an innocent act in general, but not in South Africa. She was accosted, like they always do, by one of the ID photo peddlers on the premises of the traffic department. The next moment he pulled out a knife, and robbing her of all her cash and valuables. 

She eventually got away from the thug and ran toward the uniformed SAPS officer on duty at the premises. His reaction was that there is nothing he could do for her. She even pointed the perpetrator out to this asshole, he just grinned and said there is nothing he can do. She reiterated that the thug is standing there openly, and her stuff will still be in his possession. "Haw, sorry! There is nothing I can do!" 

By the time she got back to her car, she realised with a shock that her car was broken into at the same time, and everything they could have carried away was stolen. All this on a state owned property, with a police officer that just shrug his shoulders saying there is nothing he can do. 

I decided to support my child by taking her to the Honeydew police station to report this crime. BIG MISTAKE! Arriving there we waited patiently for our turn to speak to one of these "gods". Eventually she was called by this grossly obese officer, who without really listening to my traumatised child, nor making eye contact, slapped a file in front of her and mumbled something like " fill this in", got up and duly disappeared out the door, never to be seen again. We asked another policeman to help us, he irately made us understand, in no uncertain terms, that he was busy and we should wait our turn. WTF?

First my child is mugged on state property with a policeman present, who refused to assist her, because he is most probably in cahoots with the thugs, and then we are treated like shit when we tried to report the incident to a bunch of arrogant incompetent obese assholes!

We are now trying to report this at the Fairlands police. God help us all!
What is the lesson to be learned from this experience? If the police is not actively committing the crimes themselves, they are simply not interested in hearing of crimes, nor trying to assist victims! This country is ruled by anarchy and the concept of 'rule of law' has been suspended. Those charged with protecting us are simply not interested.

Are we all just accepting this? What can be done?

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