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banditosFresh hostilities between Uefa and Fifa have broken out after senior European officials accused Sepp Blatter of having lost the plot after he openly contradicted himself over promised reforms.

In the speech in which he promised to stand down amid the worst crisis in Fifa’s history Blatter, its outgoing president, said the size of the governing body’s executive committee “must be reduced” and its members directly elected by the 209 Fifa members.

But in a new Fifa Weekly column in which Blatter argues for more spots on the executive committee for non-European confederations and more representation for women, he says: “I am reluctant to take places away from anyone; there should not be a redistribution of seats on the executive committee but a commensurate expansion of this body.”

Blatter, now openly in conflict with the Uefa president, Michel Platini, after the Frenchman campaigned for his removal during the recent presidential elections, is determined to reduce the influence of the confederations before he leaves his post.

Senior Uefa sources were said to be “perplexed at Sepp Blatter’s flip-flopping and wonder whether he has completely lost his way”.

Blatter also took aim at Uefa in his column, again claiming that the European confederation had blocked his reform proposals and the prospect of integrity checks for all exco members. He called on individual confederations such as Uefa to follow Fifa’s lead and establish their own ethics committees.

He wrote: “Confederations must at the same time acknowledge their responsibility in matters of ethics. Only the Asian confederation has an ethics committee like the one introduced by Fifa. All other continental bodies are lacking in this regard.”

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