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Truth be told.....


In the wake of recent actions by morons at UCT and elsewhere in S.A…

The Roman officer Marcellis says to his Greek slave Demetrius:

“I say, damn all men who make war on monuments& statues!

The present may belong to the Roman Empire by force of conquest, but, by all gods, the past does not!

A nation is surely of contemptible and cowardly mind that goes tobattle against another nation’s history!

It did not take much courage to come up here and hack the ear off old Pericles!

I dare say the unwashed, drunken vandal who stole his broad sword on the nose of Hippocrates, could neither read nor write!

There is not much dignity left in a nation that has no respect for the words and worksof geniuses who gave the world whatever wisdom and beauty it owns!”

(Lloyd,C. Douglas: The Robe, 1948, p.162).


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