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Objection to new toilet design


Due to the ongoing plan to eliminate all things Colonial, flush toilets will now also be eliminated along with the statues of Rhodes and English royalty.

After extensive discussions with advisors at a cost of Three Million Rand, students at all universities were requested to submit plans for an alternative toilet system. The final winner was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship and a prize of R10,000 along with an aerosol can of white paint for future vandalism.

The  winning toilet is pictured below that can only be described as pure genius.


The Engineering branch committee of the UCT Poo Throwers rejects with contempt the inclusion of a toilet roll in the winning toilet design on the following grounds :-

1.    The toilet roll is a symbol of colonial superiority, influence, and domination over African culture.

2.    It is white and therefore does not reflect transformation.

3.    In keeping with the true African culture and heritage it should be replaced with leaves and or mielie cobs.

Further, it has recommended that a boycott be placed on the sale of toilet rolls with immediate effect thus enhancing true African heritage.


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