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Outstanding Service


SA Police Commissioner PhiyegaIn case you were wondering what those fancy medals on her chest were for...

1. Phiyega holds a SA Police 10-year Commemoration Award.

"The DA congratulates Commissioner Phiyega for the amazing feat of earning this medal in her two years of service."

2. Gold Medal for Outstanding Service.

"With crime rates on the rise, the Marikana massacre, police brutality, mall robberies escalating out of control, thousands of convicted criminals actually in the SAPS and many other issues still outstanding, one can clearly see how the commissioner's 'excellent service' has affected the SAPS."

3. Soccer World Cup 2010 Support Award. 

"This is arguably Riah Phiyega's greatest achievement. It is incredible that she was able to earn this award given that the World Cup took place a full two years before the commissioner even joined the police." 

4. The fourth medal was for the 11 police agencies that were amalgamated into one unit in 1994.

"This is extremely well done given that this, too, far preceded her time as a member of the SAPS by only 18 years," Kohler Barnard said.

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